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Our virtual classroom will help your child connect with what they need
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Private Lessons
Personalized 60-minutes lessons. Face to face, teacher and student.
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Virtual library
Discover our exclusive content in a library with videos, exercises and notes, created by our Teachers.
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From Elementary to Baccalaureate
You will find online private lessons from Grade 1 to 12, of the subjects you need.
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Draw, explain formulas, to anything the teacher needs for the concepts to be clear.
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Homework chat
If your child has questions about a problem, our teachers will solve it via chat.
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Account 100% personal
In your unique and safe space you will have individual access to all lessons. With parent and students panels.

Our best teachers within your reach

Over 200 teachers and tutors are part of, experts in each subject, and focused on bringing out the best motivation in every student icon
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Help with homework, review of school lessons or support for exam preparation.

Your teacher designs a personalized plan to improve your child's preparation and their scores. image icon
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Know your child progress thanks to your supervision panel, where you can see the evaluation of lessons and the opinion of the teachers. icon
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Study wherever you want with our online lessons, by videocall or chat.

Digital board, recording, sharing screen, uploading files and much more. Progreso icon
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Profe Plus
1 class per week
Classes 1:1 of 55 minutes
3, 6 or 12 months
Progress report
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from 22.25€ per lesson
Profe Pro
2 classes per week
Classes 1:1 of 55 minutes
3, 6 or 12 months
Progress report
Support chat
from 21.13€ per lesson
Profe Flex
We create a plan adapted to your needs: intensive plans, class packs... Ask us.
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