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In Profe.com we create personalized plans with the right teacher so your child finds out their full potential in their online lessons.

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Passionate about teaching

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If there is something that we value in our teachers' community is their passion for education and their way of communicating with the student. They, together with the Profe.com team, are responsible for unlocking all the potential of every student in every lesson.

With innovative methodologies in their online lessons and a rigorous and personalized supervision that makes them unique. Thus, together we will get your children to do their best in their exams.


With experience in your their subjects

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Our teachers are experts in the field they teach and at the grade of each student's lessons. They previously prepare the material alongside the student to get the highest performance in each particular lesson.

We Profe.com make a rigorous selection of our teachers alongside our academic coordinators to validate their experience and knowledge so we always have high-level professionals.


Innovative and successful methodologies

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Personal tutors with educational methodologies adapted to the students' needs. Our teachers will always seek to encourage the student to get their highest performance during and after their lesson online.

Focused on ensuring they assimilate and understand the concepts, they use the tools available on our 100% safe online platform.

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Flexible and adapted to your students

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Thanks to having a community of expert teachers in each subject, we always seek the most appropriate tutor for the student. We want him to feel comfortable and understood by their teacher, their guide and the one who will help him achieve their best.

They adapt to their schedule, whenever possible, and even in that case we always have another tutor that will be aware of the student's evolution.

What makes the difference with our teachers?

Experts on the grade and subject they teach
Innovative educational methodologies
+90% success improving their students' scores
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Parents and children recommend us
Success improving scores and surpassing goals
Hours taught
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