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It is an educational platform of online private lessons with a focus in the personal objectives of the students, and with audiovisual and multimedia content focused on improving students learning. With teachers of all subjects ranging from from the first grade to the last.
You have a private tutor instead of sharing lessons and questions with several students. A chat for homework and videocall lessons when you need it. You can reserve and have your lesson from any place you want. Thanks to our platform, you can follow your child's progress and he can watch the lesson again if he needs to, since lessons are recorded and kept in your user profile. That and also thousands of content just a click away.
We offer from the main subjects to the most technical of the optional subjects for all grades. Among others, we give lessons and answer questions about Mathematics, English, Spanish, Biology, Social Sciences, Technology, Physics, Chemistry. We have the best teachers for each subject and grade!
Our private online lessons have metrics of more than 90% success among the 10,000 students who tried us. This value is higher than traditional private lessons because they offer several advantages such as being able to connect with specialized teachers according to the subject, a simple advanced learning environment and fluent communication options between student and teacher.
Our personalized online lessons are aimed at students of all grades, from elementary to high school. We have students and teachers from all subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economy, Social sciences or Spanish among others.
They are private lessons by videocall or by chat in the case of solving questions or homework. The lesson with the teacher is recorded and has it counts with other resources such as the digital board. All within the lessons platform.
You can schedule lessons by videocall with our teachers from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. You can also solve your questions with exercises or exam preparation instantly by chat, Monday through Friday from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM, ask and keep asking until you understand everything!
Both lessons, resolution of questions and exam preparation are 100% personal, a teacher will be dedicated to your specific needs and will help you advance in the subject you choose with a personalized plan. You will also have access to group lessons for exam preparation, videos, and notes with solved exercises.
The student connects only to have lessons or to solve questions. Company is not necessary during the sessions, since the platform is very simple and intuitive. In fact, we recommend that you let him or her do it alone for the lesson to be more effective. Students can be totally autonomous contacting their teacher every time they need, communication is the key to advance together!
Our platform allows mothers and fathers to access information about the academic evolution of their children, you will see the questions and issues discussed with their teacher, who will also leave comments about their results.
You can cancel it from your student panel, in the 'Next lesson' panel. Using the 'Cancel Lesson' button.
You can see your private lesson agenda from the student panel. Your next private lesson reservations and their correspondent subjects, as well as the teacher who have been assigned to you.
We normally try that the lessons of the same subject are always with the same teacher, provided that he or she is available. If you need another subject and your teacher is not an expert in that field, there will be another teacher giving you that lesson.
Private online classes typically last approximately 55 minutes.
You can contact by chat to solve your questions about any subject. Our teachers will answer and solve the questions you have about exercises or exam preparation instantly by chat. From Monday to Friday from 4PM to 8PM.
You just have to sign up on the web from the home and fill in the form with the subject you need and your child's information. We will contact you to give you the best teacher for what you need.
In we have three subscription models. Prices of lessons per hour from 15.70€/h. Our advisors will help you choose the best model for your child.
We have 3 subscription plans adapted to the lessons and type of personal tutor that your child needs. Profe Flex (without subscription), Profe Plus (3 months subscription) and Profe Pro (9 months subscription). Check prices and details in our main page.
No, you can stay with us as you need, you decide! We offer you monthly, quarterly and annual plans for you to choose the one that best suits you. And you can change plans when you renew our services, flexibility above all!
Thanks to our academic advisors and online teachers, we will help you find the best personalized plan for the lessons and subjects you need.
You can pay your subscription monthly or pay all at once (for 3 or 9 months) with a 10% discount. You can pay by credit card, debit card or by bank transfer (SEPA).
Yes, you can add lessons to your plan, with your academic advisor you will find the appropriate model if you need more lessons than those included in the subscription models. Ask us.
Yes, you can spend your lesson hours in different subjects, they do not have to be the same.
We offer from the main subjects to the most technical of the optional subjects for all grades. Among others, we give lessons and answer questions about Mathematics, English, Spanish, Biology, Social Sciences, Technology, Physics, Chemistry. We have the best teachers for each subject and grade!
Our teachers are the best, they have many years of experience in all grades and they have been chosen not only for their knowledge but for their ability to communicate them. The teachers are trained in the Socratic Methodology, which aims to make you able to understand all the exercises or problems of the same type, we do not solve them for you. Good teacher + good methodology = good results. Sign up and try a free lesson with our teachers!
You must be over 18 years old and have the necessary pedagogical skills to teach the subjects in which you are specialized.
If you want to be a teacher, you must sign up aquí and fill in the form with the fields indicated. Once completed we will contact you to schedule a personalized interview. Since then, you will become part of our teachers.
You can give lessons with only a computer and Internet connection. Thanks to our platform, you will have your lessons scheduled and you can teach your students from anywhere in the world.
We make payments to teachers on a monthly basis. You will receive your payment during the first week of the following month.
You only need a computer with Internet access, a microphone and a webcam is recommended so that the lesson develops more fluently with the teacher.
With your academic advisor you will review the personalized lesson plan based on your objectives. Then you will connect to the platform at the scheduled time and there you will start having your private online lessons.
It is desirable to have both a microphone and camera so that the lesson with the teacher is as dynamic as possible. However, if your child does not feel comfortable by sharing video, he or she can have lessons without it.
Thanks to the safety of our platform everything is registered, no other videocall software is used to give lessons outside of All our teachers are verified for the safety of the child.
You can consult our Política de Privacidad for more information. All data in our website and platform is stored on anonymous servers and processed under SSL security protocols.
You can write to, or contact by chat from nuestra web. You can also contact us by phone or WhatsApp in the 932 71 60 55 for any questions you have and we will answer you quickly.