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Mathematics is one of the sciences that poses the most difficulties for Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate students. It is common for the mathematics syllabus in class to continue advancing, but many students remain behind with many doubts to solve.< br>
Misunderstanding the tasks and mathematical operations makes the correct learning process more difficult, especially considering that each student can get stuck with a specific problem. Each student adds and accumulates their doubts and it is difficult to personalize the reinforcement that each particular case needs.

Private math classes are the perfect solution to be able to continue advancing and get good grades.

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Frequently asked questions about our mathematics classes at

Learn mathematics from home with private teachers specialized in the subject. We adapt to the period of time in which you need private online classes to reinforce and progress in mathematics.

We focus the classes on interest and the correct learning of the student, so we reinforce those points in which the student requires more practice and study to improve their academic performance and reach their potential.

Thanks to the tools and platform features, the student will be able to interact and learn efficiently with his private teacher.He will gain confidence when doing math exercises and exams.

In addition to private classes By video call, students can ask their private teachers any questions they have about homework, assignments or exams through the chat included in the platform.

Private mathematics teachers focus on their Students understand the concepts so that they can later apply them in practical exercises. In addition, they can see the classes to review whenever they want, since they will be recorded in their personal account.

Since the beginning of the school stage, the teaching of mathematics goes from less to more difficulty. It is common that if the student loses a single point in the subject, whether during Primary, Secondary or Baccalaureate, the progressive evolution of mathematical skills is hindered.

It is essential to have each concept well learned and the bases well established.For this reason, our teachers make sure that the students have learned and understood the concepts given in each online class taught.

An individual plan of private mathematics classes at will help your child improve their performance and get good grades.

One of the most valuable things to be able to learn correctly is the optimization of study time. Your children can spend hours and hours in front of the math book feeling bad for not fully understanding math operations and problems.
< br>But if an hour is invested in a class totally focused on improving those points that are weakest, adapting to their rhythm and needs and starting from the base in which they are, better results will be achieved.

Learn Concentrating is another of the advantages offered by's private math classes. Being an individual, interactive and entertaining class, it is easier for your child to pay attention all the time. In the end it is a totally individualized class hour so that your child really acquires that mathematical knowledge.

When they don't quite understand the mathematical operations they feel a great frustration that a private teacher can solve. To reinforce a specific aspect, pass an exam, or improve math knowledge in general.

It will reduce the pressure considerably, but you will not lose the rhythm, on the contrary, it will improve academic performance remarkably. Getting good grades on math exams is not that difficult if you have the personalized support you need.

The private mathematics teacher from will always provide the personalized value adapted to the student they need.

To find a good private mathematics teacher, the following 3 factors must be taken into account:< br>

  • Teach to develop specific techniques to progress with math exercises.
  • Specific exercises for each student to reinforce the parts that interest them the most according to their weaknesses and strengthening the bases.
  • Useful tools for the entire academic trajectory. For the continuous learning of mathematics and that they do not encounter so many difficulties when they go to a higher level. So that it is easier for them to understand and apply the math.

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Private Mathematics classes for Primary, Secondary and High School students icon

We offer private math classes for all school levels, from all the years that cover Primary education, students who are taking ESO, and even Baccalaureate students.

We guide the students so that they do not fail and establish all the knowledge they have acquired. Our private teachers always make sure that they have really understood everything before going on with any other question.

How do we help in private math classes at each level? icon
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Elementary students can receive personalized help on a specific topic such as addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, geometric figures or measurement units.

The Secondary students, can practice with our private teachers and reinforce the knowledge of previous years and learn and reinforce the new ones of the current course.

Students who are studying 1st and 2nd from ESO will be able to take private online classes in statistics, geometry, proportionality, among other Mathematics topics.On the other hand, for students who are in 3rd and 4th of ESO, We offer private classes specialized in solving first and second degree equations or to consolidate knowledge in Statistics and Probability.

In High School, the level continues to rise, so thanks to our teachers and the technology offered by the platform, high school students who want to reinforce their knowledge in mathematics or prepare for an exam, will find that additional flexible reinforcement with our private classes.
< br>Private online classes can be used to reinforce knowledge of trigonometry, deepen operations with matrices and calculate derivative and integral functions.

Analysis, logic, order, comprehension and agility in Operations are the skills that we manage to strengthen in our students. Learning to understand mathematics and apply it correctly is easier with our private teachers.

Discover the potential that your child can achieve with a correct personalized mathematics learning plan for each student and exhaustive monitoring of their evolution and formative progress.

Together we reach the goal of improving your child's grades and performance in mathematics!

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