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English is a subject that begins to be practiced from preschool because it is a universal language and it is necessary for all students.

Learning English is essential both for your child's future work, and for to pass the official exams or to continue advancing at the pace of their school year.

With the private online English classes, students have the opportunity to practice as much as they want with their teacher , as it will provide you with fully individualized training to make the most of the hours in English classes.

The private English teacher adapts to the needs and level of each student. In this way, it will be possible to work personally with the student on the parts that are most difficult for them, be it comprehension, speaking or writing in English.

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Frequently asked questions about our English classes at

The private online English classes at provide the confidence that many students need when speaking, writing or thinking in English. Being individual attention, the teacher can fully adapt the learning plan to the student's level and pace, thus achieving more effective and lasting progress and ensuring good grades in English.

The platform also offers other tools and functionalities to finish complementing this reinforcement training in English.Chat to resolve doubts with the teacher, digital whiteboard, the option to share documents and screen and much more.

You will gain the confidence and security you need to pass the English exams and progress according to the school level you are in and your goals.

The classes are recorded and can be viewed to review as many times as you want, so progress in English is secured.

Learning English is an essential requirement for all students. English is an international language that begins to be taught even from the first educational levels. During the first years, learning a new language is better absorbed. For this reason, it is important to have the foundations well established from the beginning.

It is common to find students, whether in Primary, Secondary or Baccalaureate, with certain difficulties in learning of the English language. This hinders the correct progressive evolution of the language.

For this reason, our private teachers make sure that the students have learned, understood and settled well all the syllabus taught in our private English classes.

An individualized plan of private English classes at will help your child improve their level of English and get good grades on exams.

To learn a foreign language requires perseverance and dedication, but if we add individualized support, the rate at which the level of English increases is much faster and lasts over time.< br>
The grammatical structures or vocabulary in English will be one of the many aspects that are reviewed in private English classes.It is easier to adapt to the pace and needs of each student if they are reversed the hour of the class on the progress in English of a single student.As it is a more practical, interactive and entertaining class, everything learned is better internalized.

Private online English classes offer the solution to upload the level of English easily. Not having assimilated a good oral comprehension in English and failing in listening can be solved with a private teacher. Classes can also be focused on official exams or to practice oral expression and conversation level.

The private English teacher provides a personalized value that adapts to each student to improve their weak points and reinforce their strong points.

A good private English teacher must offer the following teaching aspects:

  • That he teaches to develop specific techniques so as not to get stuck with the English exercises.
  • Monitoring his progress to make it easier to reinforce the student's weak points.
  • Specific exercises for each student to reinforce the parts that are most interesting according to their weaknesses and strengthening the bases.
  • Resources to do exercises and practices at home for a continuous learning process.
  • Tools that are useful for a lifetime and for when they move to a higher level of English, so that you can naturally acquire the way to understand, write and speak in English.

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Private English classes for Primary, Secondary and High School students icon

Private online English classes are for all educational levels. From Primary, ESO students, and Baccalaureate students.

Whatever level of English they are at, basic, intermediate or more advanced level, it is important not to accumulate doubts and difficulties, otherwise the development of the language skills in question would be further complicated.

Private English teachers are They always ensure that the student acquires and settles everything new learned, in addition to passing the previous thing. We guide students to increase their level of English in an easy, comfortable and accessible way.

How do we help in private English classes at each level? icon
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Primary students will receive personalized help to assimilate the vocabulary of the foreign language. On the other hand, Secondary students will be able to practice with our private teachers to reinforce and review English and learn and improve during the course they are in.

Students who are students 1st and 2nd of ESO will be able to take private online English classes and learn to write texts in English, the writings, and knowing how to identify and understand when listening to English, the listenings.

For students who are in 3rd and 4th grade ESO, we offer private classes specialized in improving grammar and spelling. You can also learn to understand conversations in English and to speak correctly and fluently with our private teachers.

In high school, the level continues to rise, so thanks to our private teachers and the technology offered by the platform, high school students will be able to reinforce their knowledge in English or prepare an official exam such as it can be the IELTS, TOEFL or the B2 First (FCE). With our private classes, you will find that additional, flexible and affordable reinforcement that will make you pass any English exam.

A specialized school reinforcement Your child needs to assimilate and pass the subject based on their level of English and learning pace.

With a personalized English learning plan and thanks to monitoring thorough evolution, it will be easier to reach your child's full potential.

Together we achieve the goal of improving your child's grades and performance in English!

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