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With the best teachers, experts in the subjects and grade of the student, we create a personalized study and lesson plan with their objectives: improvement of scores, help with homework, review of topics or any other need the student has.

Thanks to our community of private tutors we can offer personalized lessons with the best teacher for each student. Individual lessons for each student are scheduled on our platform with the Teacher Coordinator in a flexible and simple way.

How to begin lessons with

We explain it to you step by step

1. Sign up at

You can sign up from our main page, there we will ask you some info so our agents can schedule the first free trial lesson with the right teacher for the student's needs.

2. Free Trial Lesson

2. Free Trial Lesson

Once chosen the first needs, grade and subject/s in which the student is interested, it will be time to have your first trial lesson with a private teacher. Through our 100% safe platform you will receive said first online lesson.

3. Lesson evaluation and planning

After the trial lesson, we will get in touch with the student or parent to design a personal study plan to achieve their goals. Together we will improve their scores and their confidence.

4. Start your private lessons at education

4. Start your private lessons at

With the personalized lessons plan and the flexible agenda on the platform, the student will begin to follow their plan with the help of the right private teacher for each subject. In addition, we require no permanence.

What does's private lessons include?

Virtual classroom
  • 60-minutes videocall
  • Lesson flexibility
  • Scheduled classes calendar
  • Teachers' availability
  • Safe environment
  • Automatic payment
  • Parent and student areas
Extra functionalities
  • Board
  • Exchange of documents
  • Share
  • Videocall lessons
  • Teacher's comments
  • Recorded lessons
  • Chat
Private lessons
  • Study techniques
  • Exam preparation
  • Share
  • Topic review
  • Help with homework
  • Problem resolution
  • Student supervision

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