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Profe.com is an online educational platform to help students who want to improve their learning in a comfortable, fast and easy way.

In Profe.com we help students through our own methodology. Our success in a tutoring session is achieved when the student is able to solve exercises similar to the one they asked about.

We address students from any grade who need help with homework, with an exercise/problem they are currently working on or to prepare for an exam. Parents receive reports of their children's progress.


Manage tutoring sessions with students in your specialization area(s).

Perform pedagogical evaluations and provide feedback to parents and students.

Create an attractive learning environment and increase the confidence and interest of students in learning.

What are we looking for?

Previous experience as a private teacher, academia or similar.
Degrees (completed or in the process of completion) in your specialization area(s).

Passionate about learning and teaching.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Ability to adapt to the specific needs of the students and their learning styles.

Availability of at least 5 hours per week.

NOTE: We will contact the applicants who meet our current needs for teachers. In case we do not contact you, we will save your profile in the case we need you in the future.


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